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PVC sheet is a new-generation material and its biggest advantage is that it is water proof. It comes in an attractive white shade and does not decay or absorb humidity. These benefits make multi-wood the favourite cabinet material of the new generation. Since its surface is very smooth, multi-wood does not need a layer of veneer or even polish. It can be moulded to any shape as well. Multi-wood is made from a material that belongs to the category of UPVC polyester resin. Sheets of the size 8X4. These sheets are available in thicknesses ranging from 5-25 MM.


  • Another advantage of multi-wood is that it can be drilled and engraved upon. The material is enerally lightweight in nature and can be bent with the help of a heat blower. A multi-wood shutter can be beautified by laminating it,adding a layer of veneer or by giving it a Lacquer paint coating.

  • Digital printing can be done on this material just like it is done on glass or ACPs. Multi-wood is resistant to termites and does not easily catch fire. It is an eco-friendly material and can be recycled and used.

  • Resistance to chemicals, waterproofing features, fire-retardant characteristics, bending features etc. makes MULTIWOOD a real edge over Wood, and hence suitable for ‘specialty applications’. Even best quality MDF or PLYWOOD is not borer/termite or waterproof and hence will perish in few years time.Kitchen is one of the most central places within an Indian home.

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