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Our machines are of high efficiency and precision, stable quality, easy operation and low wear.Our servicescan be made according to customer’s request.

Corner Finishes for Square and Rectangle Glass Tables  

For square and rectangle table tops, you have the additional consideration of what type of corner finish you would like. Below are the three corner finishes we offer.

Eased Corners

Radius Corners

Clip and Polished Corners


A simple eased corner is polished for safety and comfort. Our most popular corner option. You can choose which corners you would like to have this look.

A radius corner can be used when covering a table that has similar corners, or when the glass is on a pedestal. You can choose the radius measurements and which corners you want to have this finish. Not available for beveled edges.

This corner type can be used if you have a pedestal table and desire a decorative finish. You can customize the clip measurement and which corners you would like to be clipped.

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