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You’ll be surprised to know that Sunmica or laminate flooring comes in a variety of colours — from whites, greys and browns to sometimes even reds, greens and blues. But what comes in a larger variety are the shades of popular colours like greys and browns. There’s ash, cherry, oakwood, graphite, sandstone, granite, walnut and multiple other shades that range from light to dark. Laminate sheets are produced in India at a standard size of 8 feet by 4 feet. However, some manufacturers offer other sizes based on its application. The typical wooden laminate effect is not the only kind of design that you will find in the market. And no, the glossy or matte white isn’t the only other option either. There are endless colours and digital prints available these days — from natural wood to floral and funky motifs. So, if you want that pretty modular kitchen finish, you know how to get it now!

  • Glossy — Suitable for kitchens as they’re easy to clean.

  • Matte — For those who don’t like the shine.

  • Textured — Popular textures include grainy,linear, etc (see even more finishes here). You can literally feel the texture of these laminates and they’re great for a classy piece of furniture.

  • Solid colours — Mostly used on kitchen countertops and bathroom cabinets.

  • Digital prints — They make decorating your home easy!

But to summarise, here’s a list of the most popular laminate finishes:

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