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We have wide collections of doors:

Flush doors

Flush Door is a name given to doors that are made by using a timber frame which is covered by plywood or MDF or similar board on both the sides of the door. The hollow portion inside the door is usually filled with cardboard or board. These doors are then finished by putting veneer on top or teak ply on top to give it a finishing. These doors have a perfectly flush and joint less surface.

All these are bonded at high pressure and temperature, with phenol formaldehyde resin and permanent type preservatives, under the cross-bonding process.

Membrane doors

Membrane doors are a combination of the two types of doors described above but they go one step further. These doors are overlaid with a polyvinyl chloride membrane. The membrane ensures that the doors don’t shrink, swell, crack or separate at the joints.


  • The doors are durable and don’t crack even after long use

  • The doors don’t get deformed too much – the degree of deformation is miniscule

  • The doors are heat resistant

  • The doors can resist abrasions

  • The doors don’t get dirty very easily

  • The colour or colours on the door remain vibrant and bright for a long time

  • The colours are rich and the wood grain looks realistic so the doors look good

  • The doors don’t crack because of swelling or contractions

  • The doors can be cleaned and maintained on a daily basis quite easily

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